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Concealed Handgun License

If you have been denied an Oregon Concealed Handgun License (CHL Denial) you only have 30 days to appeal that denial.  Contact a lawyer at Oregon Gun Law immediately.  Most denials can be overcome with the filings in the the county of your residence.

Every case is factually unique, but the Sheriff has several reasons to deny a Concealed Handgun License under ORS 166.291 including that the applicant:
(g) Has never been convicted of a felony or found guilty, except for insanity under ORS 161.295, of a felony;
(h) Has not been convicted of a misdemeanor or found guilty, except for insanity under ORS 161.295, of a misdemeanor within the four years prior to the application, including a misdemeanor conviction for the possession of marijuana as described in paragraph (l) of this subsection;
(i) Has not been committed to the Oregon Health Authority under ORS 426.130;
(j) Has not been found to be a person with mental illness and is not subject to an order under ORS 426.130 that the person be prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm as a result of that mental illness;
(k ) Has been discharged from the jurisdiction of the juvenile court for more than four years if, while a minor, the person was found to be within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court for having committed an act that, if committed by an adult, would constitute a felony or a misdemeanor involving violence, as defined in ORS 166.470;
(l) Has not been convicted of an offense involving controlled substances or participated in a court-supervised drug diversion program.

Most of these reasons for denial can be overcome with either an expungement, reduction to a misdemeanor, or a statutory restoration of your gun rights.  We can help figure out the best path to ensure you can exercise your rights safely and responsibly.

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